About the SPCM: A global, online certificate

Within the Texas Tech's College of Media & Communication are two Master of Art's programs:

M.A. in Mass Communication (professional or thesis focus), and M.A. in Strategic Communication & Innovation (professional track only).

These full programs house the sports communication certificate (SPCM) which offers a *stand-alone online curriculum of 12 credit hours for students.

The SPCM is designed to provide graduate students with coordinated, specialized courses featuring applied and experiential opportunities to learn about communication in sport organization contexts to prepare them for various positions as strategic communicators.

Previous to the SPCM certificate, launched in 2021, the programs had what was referred to as a sports media track that was not officially recognized on the degree itself. Some student work hosted on this site, including the TTU/Team USA Experience, was completed as part of that sports media track.

The work is hosted and curated by faculty member, Jody Roginson, Associate Professor of Practice in Sports Communication.

* A stand-alone graduate certificate is one which can be applied for and earned outside of the full M.A. programs. (Most SPCM students are also pursuing one of those two full degree programs.)

SPCM Showcase

Here are a few examples of course projects/portfolios:

MCOM 5380 - Strategic Communication in Sports
by Ash McDaniel (2023).
This course focuses on the strategy behind the tactics and the simple tactic shown reflects some of how that thinking is communicated during the class, which includes simulated-agency experiential learning.

Conducting secondary research for a proposed, potential client, and writing an internal memo to present it, is the focus of this example's task.

MCOM 5382 - Visual Communication in Sports by Urvi Dalal (2022)
The project built throughout the semester, hosting various common tactics used in sports and responding to a series of tasks throughout.

Alyssa Merritt (2023) Portfolio, originally built during MCOM 5382, was updated to host portfolio and feature stories she had the opportunity to write during her academic career as well.

JOUR 5384 - Multimedia Journalism in Sports
Ash McDaniel's (2023) Portfolio, built to share some of the production work she was able to choose to complete during that course.

MCOM 7000 - Research and Independent Study in Sports Communication
Depending on student interest and bandwidth of faculty advisors, students may have the opportunity to pursue independent study in topics of interest that fall within sports communication study, but which may also require additional certification or work experience.

Such was the case for Kaden Chumbley who had the opportunity to earn certification in Adobe's InDesign and gain course-credit for work experience (Spring 2023) in media relations with the Texas Tech Athletics Department.

SPCM Showcases. Copyright for all work shared remains with the student authors or creators, 2022 - 2024.