The 6350 Graduate Student Project

Part of the program for graduate students in the Texas Tech University M.A. program in Mass Communication is a culminating project with original data collected. Students refer to this as “their 6350” because it corresponds with the class number, which was recently changed from 6050 to 6350.

The 6350 Tutorial

Take the 6350 tutorial with resources embedded. It will help (approx. 30 minutes and well worth your time for both students and faculty).
  • The Faculty Advisor
    Working with students on their capstone project is a voluntary service for faculty members and they may decline based on their availability and bandwidth for any semester.

    Students complete an online form to reach out to ask graduate faculty members to serve as their advisor the semester before their final one in the program.
  • Presentation Tips
    At the link is an example (from Google) that shows the kind of presentation slides which should accompany a 6350 project when it's delivered. Students who complete a 6350 project are not required to use SPSS (or the like) statistical software. They can if they have learned those skills, but that is not a requirement.
  • Collecting Data
    The most common ways students collect their original data is via online survey, content analysis or interview instruments and techniques.
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